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Drainage photoManage water intrusion and accumulation with effective drainage systems.

Heavy rains and flooding can cause unsightly wet spots and flooding on your property, which can cause a variety of damage if not treated properly. An effective way to manage water accumulation is to install a drainage system on your property. Since 2009, The Yard Men has been Macomb County’s go to drainage company to help remove water intrusion from yards and properties. Our drainage solutions can help mitigate standing water and help dry out the lawn to keep your property safe and free from flooding. Whether you own a large commercial property or you're a proud homeowner, no area is too large or small to implement our drainage solutions.

reducing water damage with high quality drainage solutionsReduce Water Damage With High-Quality Drainage Solutions

In a short amount of time, heavy rainfalls can result in severe damage to homes, businesses, and other properties. However, vulnerability to water damage and floods can be reduced through professional drainage solutions. The Yard Men offers a variety of subsurface drainage and French drain solutions for any sized residential or commercial property that’ll help mitigate pooling of rainwater, reduce water damage, and decrease the threat of flooding. Our team will professionally install pipes and drains in the soil that will remove excess amounts of water from your property. These drains will transport water quickly and safely away from the property and to the nearest street or nearby ditch.

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The Yard Men are committed to keeping your property looking beautiful by reducing the damage that can occur from excess rainwater. As a result, our team can help protect the health, appearance, and longevity of your lawn, garden, and trees. If you’ve noticed excess water on your property that’s causing flooding or pools of water, call our team at (586) 246-5263 to schedule an estimate for a custom drainage solution.